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Surplus User Manual

The Surplus Warehouse is a facility on campus that stores university property that is not being used. Any faculty or staff on campus can request the Surplus Warehouse to pick up any items that have been purchased by the University and are no longer needed (old printers, monitors, office furniture etc.)  Please use the attached surplus memo example.  This can be emailed to Mindy Reed in Facility Management (

Faculty and staff also have the option of visiting the Surplus Warehouse and requesting any items that are in stock.

In order to use the Surplus Warehouse contact Glade Hebert either by email or phone: or 482-1774

Glade Hebert oversees the Surplus Warehouse and will hold any items university personnel selects for use at the University. Items in the Surplus Warehouse are first come/first serve. He will make the work order to have selected items delivered. No Surplus Warehouse items can be requested for personal use.

Additionally, You can make a “wish list” request to Mindy. If there are any particular items you need, she will keep your “wish list” of items in mind. If something comes into the Surplus Warehouse on this list, then she will contact you and let you know it is in.