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Sustainability at the University

Our Vision

Our vision is for the entire University community to become more aware of our impacts on the environment and our community, at the institutional level and at our own personal level.

We fully believe that in doing so, we will all become more conscientious and responsible, and the University will become stronger and more resilient.

Our Governance

In 2009, University President Dr. E. Joseph Savoie led the formation of the President’s Council on Sustainability. This council composed of faculty, staff, students, and administrators from across campus, continued gaining momentum and efficiencies, eventually advocating for the formation of the Office of Sustainability. In the fall of 2014, the University Council approved the Sustainability Policy developed by the President’s Council on Sustainability and Office of Sustainability.

The Sustainability Policy committed the University to fully embracing our environmental, social, and economic responsibilities and preparing each student for success as a globally responsible, productive citizen committed to environmental stewardship. The Policy defined a vision for the University to continuously improve its efforts to protect, preserve, and manage natural resources and built environment within its domain for future generations. However, the policy was much more than a statement about our beliefs. It provided an essential directive to establish this Sustainability Strategic Plan.

Our Plan

Our Sustainability Strategic Plan exemplifies what can be accomplished when individuals with passion and purpose work together at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. It’s the result of the dedication of students, faculty, staff and administrators who have a shared interest: protecting and preserving the environment. This Sustainability Strategic Plan is thoughtful and ambitious. It incorporates scholarship and interdisciplinary research. And, it ultimately reaches beyond campus boundaries because the environmental challenges we face are global. 

- President E. Joseph Savoie