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E-Waste Recycling

E-Cycle Program

At UL, we believe that it is important to reduce our overall waste stream, and one way to help us do that is by recycling those used ink and toner cartridges! Our office will pick up your old cartridges, repack them, and send them off to Funding Factory where they will recycled and refurbished. Funding Factory, the leading fundraising-thru-recycling company in the continental United States, then donates the money raised through those efforts to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Campus Sustainability Fund. This money goes towards sustainability initiatives such as purchasing recycling bins for UL's campus and athletic facilities. It also goes towards funding events such as the University's Fête de la Terre annual Earth Day Celebration.  See how you can help our cause today!

In addition to recycling ink and toner cartridges, this office partnered with sponsors CGI and Capital Area Corporate Recycling during Fête de la Terre 2016 to host an E-Waste Drop Off. This allowed the campus community to responsibly recycle old electronic items such as computers, laptops, gaming consoles, hard drives, etc. Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council provides refurbished computers and equipment to schools, Nonprofits, and low income families. The organization accomplishes this by electronic refurbishment and recycling, including collection, sorting, dismantling, refurbishing, data wiping, sales and donations. Since this event was so successful, we plan on conducting this drop off at least once a year. See what items are accepted through this program here, and check back with us to see when the next drop off will be held! 

What We Accept:

Ink Cartridges

Toner Cartridges

How to Participate:

To have someone from our office pick up used cartridges, please fill out this webform. If you have any questions, please email