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Tree Campus U.S.A.

Tree Campus USA is a program sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation. The program recognizes colleges and universities that manage their campus trees, connect with the community to foster healthy, urban forests, and engage students in service learning that supports forestry efforts. UL Lafayette has earned consecutive Tree Campus titles since 2008.

To become a Tree Campus USA college, the institution must meet five standards:

  • Establish a campus tree advisory committee
  • Create a campus tree care plan
  • Dedicate annual expenditures to the campus tree program
  • Hold an Arbor Day observance
  • Provide service learning projects for students

Tree Planting

Within a year of receiving the Tree Campus USA designation, the University planted over 700 trees on campus and around the city of Lafayette to show its dedication to sustainability and honor our rich history of the Century Oaks. In the spring of 2010, students, faculty, and administration gathered for the university’s Campus Clean-Up day and planted an additional 43 trees to commemorate UL Lafayette’s installment as a Tree Campus USA member. In 2013, students and staff planted 20 more trees as part of the Arbor Day celebration. In 2022 over 40 trees were planted on campus by students who volunteered for The Big Event. Every year since earning the Tree Campus USA designation in 2008 we have been able to plant new trees to expand our campus forestry efforts.

Heritage Trees on Campus

  • Twentieth-Century Oaks planted in 1901 by Dr. Edwin Stephens, the first president of the University.
  • Half Century Oaks planted around the 1950's
  • Quater Century Oaks are planned to be planted 
  • Monty the Montezuma Cypress is located behind Billeaud and was delared the state champion tree in 2018 and is the largest known example of the species in the state of Louisiana.
  • Phil the Philodendron (Thaumatophyllum) has been growing inside of Billeaud Hall for over 66 years and was planted in 1957. In 2018 Tree Philodendrons were reclassified into a new genus called Thaumatophyllum. Phil is acutally a plant but since it's a size of a tree we are including it in this list.
  • Eve's Necklace outside of Billeaud Hall
  • Ginko at the corner of St. Mary and Johnston St.
  • Whittington house Oak Tree grown from an acorn of the St. John Cathedral Oak
  • Amédé Ardoin Memorial Lemon Tree. You can visit this site and learn more about the life of Amédé Ardoin at the brick circle memorial located between Oliver and Billeaud Halls.
  • Dawn Redwood at Cypress Lake in the brick landscaping box along the lake planted around the 1950's-1960's
  • Southern Magnolias around campus
  • Cypress Trees around campus
  • Half Century oaks around campus
  • Red Maples
  • Sweet Bay Magnoilia 
  • Japanese Magnolias
  • Pine Trees 

Campus Forestry Policy

View the Campus Forestry Policy here.