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Permeable Pavement

Permeable Pavements infiltrate, treat, and/or store rainwater where it falls. They can be made of pervious concrete, porous asphalt, or permeable interlocking pavers.

Permeable Pavers between Judice Rickels and Wharton hall

Permeable Pavers in this location were designed for rainwater to be asorbed and redirected to nearby landscaping beds in rain events. The permeable pavers have sublayers of rocks, sand, and directional drains that lead to nearby landscaping beds towards St. Mary. The area between Judice Rickels and Wharton hall is a showcase of sustainable and green infrastructure with a pocket park under the oaks, two bioswales, pollinator habitats, permeable pavers, and educational signs (signs coming soon).

Permeable Brick Pavers

Permeable Brick Pavers are located in the plaza at the front of the Urban Cajun Prairie / Bioswale between Zues, Oliver Hall, and Madison Hall.