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AmeriCorps 2023 Wrapped

Blair Begnaud -- Wed, 01/03/2024 - 8:37am

Written by Brianna Olalekan

I am a part of UL Lafayette's AmeriCorps team whoes sites are with the Office of Sustainability. It was my first year with AmeriCorps but our purpose was clear: to lead by example and instill a sense of responsibility for our environment and community.

My focus on the other hand goes beyond individual actions; it's about fostering a collective consciousness. As a member a part of AmeriCorps, we're committed to raising awareness and cultivating a culture of mindfulness which I support. We firmly believe that as we become more aware of our impacts, both personally and institutionally, our community grows stronger and more conscientious.

Collaborating with the Office of Sustainability, we're addressing pressing environmental needs in Acadiana. One of my favorites was our involvement in the Zero Waste Football games. We meticulously managed waste, ensuring clean and sustainable game-day experiences for all attendees while making sure they had water and a place to cool down.

The Office of Sustainability fosters a culture of collective responsibility, empowering each other to make lasting, positive changes. Their impacts extend far beyond football games and deep into the roots of Acadiana. The staff is nice and love the work that they do, and it shows.

I learned that Americorps and the Office of Sustainability journey's underscores the power of collective action. It's about coming together for a shared cause, making a meaningful impact, and nurturing a university community that embraces sustainability in every aspect. With me being in AmeriCorps and having the privilege of working with the Office of Sustainability this semester, I enjoyed taking purposeful steps toward a more mindful and sustainable life.

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