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Students for Sustainability (S4S)

Students for Sustainability (S4S) is a student organization whose mission is to spread education and passion for sustainability through campus and the community! If you are interested in signing up please sign up through the microsoft form.

Past events include volunteering in various ways by planting and measuring trees along the coast with CRCL, assisting local festivals with recycling, planting citrus trees on campus, maintaining pollinator habitats on campus, participating in the Krewe de Coulee clean up, participating in the Love the Boot clean up, and moving and harvesting nearly 400 crops at Cajun Acres (a local hydroponics farm). S4S has partnered with Geaux Bike for the Ragin Roll, a first day of school group bike ride, Night Hikes at the Nature Station with the Bio Society, and with Backyard Sapphire for a glass recycling event on campus for Earth Week. 

Past Sustainability Seminar Series include Recycling 101, Gardening 101, Composting 101, Sustainability and Disabilities Inclusion, Fast Fashion, and the next one will be about Green Infrastructure.


Stay Involved!

Meetings and events occur in the Fall and Spring Semesters

Instagram: ul_studentsforsustainability

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