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University Ranked No. 195 in the World and No. 25 in U.S. for Eco-Friendliness

Blair Begnaud -- Thu, 02/07/2019 - 11:54am

Eco-friendly practices and overall campus environment were considered at 719 universities from 81 countries for UI’s GreenMetric list. It relies on data collected via online questionnaires submitted by each university.
The GreenMetric list is based on factors such as recycling, efficient use of electricity, renewable energy sources and amount of open space, forest and vegetation on campus.

Gretchen Lacombe Vanicor, director of UL Lafayette’s Office of Sustainability, said the University’s commitment to sustainability stretches beyond “enacting programs to reduce waste on campus or planting trees or using environmentally-sound construction practices. Eco-friendly practices and programs benefit the campus and community, but also offer opportunities for education and research.”