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S4S Sustainability Seminar: Sustainability Practices in the Kitchen

Blair Begnaud -- Wed, 03/13/2024 - 5:20pm

Sustainability Practices in the Kitchen

At the March 3rd meeting, Students for Sustainability presented a seminar regarding Sustainability practices that can be applied in the kitchen. Students learned how to track their food waste as well as reduce their food waste through multiple strategies such as waste auditing, meal prepping, donating food and maximizing what is already in their fridge. Students were also presented with creative ways to divert food scraps by composting, creating stocks and broths, and even making kitchen cleaners. Over consumption and reduction of plastic is another topic that was discussed. Students talked about the many eco-friendly kitchen supplies that are now on the market, as well as the ones that are already in their kitchens that they haven’t considered using.

Useful resources about where the best places to shop are as well as how to pick out sustainable and low waste packaging were discussed. Students learned about why shopping locally for groceries is important, as well as the Campus Cupboard being an available option for free groceries. Students were shown options for sustainable cookware and appliances, as well as great places to find cookware second hand. Another relevant topic that came up was water and energy conservation, as much of the energy and water used in the house comes from the kitchen. Students discussed ways to reduce and conserve energy through their appliances and how they are used. To learn more, you can find the presentation here!

Written by: Lola Lancaster