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New Organization: Students for Sustainability

Blair Begnaud -- Thu, 10/27/2022 - 11:58am

Students for Sustainability 

Students for Sustainability aims to spread education and passion for sustainability culture throughout our campus and the city of Lafayette as a whole. Members work hand-in-hand with UL Lafayette's Office of Sustainability on fun and meaningful sustainability projects.

The organization plans to:

  • Advocate for sustainable culture on campus
  • Host educational seminars on environmental topics
  • Host biking, paddling, and hiking trips
  • Organize anti-litter campaigns
  • Assist food recovery efforts and local food pantries
  • Organize group trips to the Farms Market to shop locally
  • Participate in tree and native seedling plantings
  • and more!

Everyone is welcome to join. If you are interested in signing up you can fill out this form.

Interview with Maddy Moore, President of Students for Sustainability

What does the Students for Sustainability organization mean to you?

For me, this organization is a representation of a special community here at UL. It is a group of students who are passionate about the environment & sustainability & can come together to make real change on campus & in our personal lives.

What is Students for Sustainability doing?

Students for Sustainability aims to educate the UL community on sustainable practices on & off campus. We come together to learn, educate, and also have fun! We have gardening seminars, trips to the farmers market, and group hikes, just to name a few of our activities.

Why is this topic important to you?

I have always been passionate about the environment as far as I can remember. I would always play outside as a kid & that time gave me an appreciation for the outdoors & the passion to protect the environment we have. As an environmental science major who hopes to work in coastal restoration in the future, I am passionate about all things environment & sustainability related. I truly just want to see our community & environment thrive for future generations.


In the words of Dr. Griff Blakewood "Keep Up the Good World."