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Tap Into the Chicot

Do you know where your water comes from?

Where do we get our LOCAL water?

Water that comes out of your tap in Lafayette comes from the Chicot Aquifer, which is located under all or parts of 15 parishes in southwestern Louisiana and parts of east Texas.

Image source: LSU AgCenter

What is an aquifer?

An aquifer is a large natural underground storage of water.  It is made up of underground layers of water-bearing permeable rock, rock fractures or unconsolidated materials, that allow water to runoff and filter down into wells of groundwater.  The many layers of soil, sand, and gravel naturally filter water that is able to infiltrate into the ground, creating a clean source of water that we can then draw from.   

Who uses the aquifer?

The aquifer is the source of drinking water for virtually every person living in southwest Louisiana. It also serves as the primary water supply for most commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural uses. 

So I'm drinking water straight from the ground?

Not exactly.  Water pulled from the Chicot Aquifer flows to a municipal water treatment system (ours is Lafayette Utility Systems or LUS), a storage tank, and then to our taps! 

Is it safe to drink?

Of course! And it is often held to higher standards than water that comes in a bottle. Not to mention it's not as expensive as bottle water. 

The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) has been in place for more than 30 years and is the main federal law that ensures the quality of Americans' drinking water.

Under SDWA, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets standards for drinking water quality and oversees the states, localities, and water suppliers who implement those standards.  Learn more about LUS Water at:

Still concerned or don't like the taste?

We suggest a water filter.  According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), carbon filters are affordable and reduce many common water contaminants.  Filters come in many shapes and sizes like pitchers and sink attachments.  Learn more about filters at:

So I don't need to buy or drink bottled water?

That's right! 

In same cases, bottled water is nothing but filtered tap water and there is usually no way to know.  And while tap water suppliers publish their water quality tests, most bottled water companies do not.  

Learn more about drinking water from this Environmental Working Group Fact Sheet

Ditch the bottle, save money, and prevent waste by tapping into the Chicot!