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Research Division Institutes

Institute for Coastal and Water Research

The core mission of the Institute for Coastal and Water Research (ICaWR) is to improve understanding and management of coastal and water resources at current and future land/sea interfaces and their interactions with society.

Research Projects:

  • Development of barrier island habitat monitoring protocols
  • Importance of coastal islands for avifauna support
  • Louisiana coastal bays phytoplankton ecology
  • Saltmarsh loss disconnects habitats and reduces fish production
  • Wetland plant community dynamics modeling
  • Coastal wetlands experimental research facility
  • Accelerated degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons through bioturbation
  • Development of a surface water management framework
  • Assessment of oil spill effects on coastal archaeological sites
The Center for Ecology and Environmental Technology 

The Center for Ecology and Environmental Technology (CEET) is an integral parts of ICaWR and contributes significantly to the Institute's success. Our mission is to nurture research, education, and community activities in ecology and environmental biology.  We support K-12, undergraduate, and graduate students, through structured classes, independent projects, and hands-on field and lab studies.