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E-Waste Recycling Drive

On Tuesday during UL's annual Fete de la Terre, celebration of earth, we are hosting an E-Waste Drop Off free to students, faculty, and staff! This event is sponsored by CGI and Capital Area Corporate Recycling. Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council is a nonprofit committed to to affect e-scrap reduction by alleviating the stream of e-waste to landfills, and to provide refurbished computers and equipment to schools, Nonprofits, and low income families. The organization accomplishes this by electronic refurbishment and recycling, including collection, sorting, dismantling, refurbishing, data wiping, sales and donations. Please bring all your *personal electronic equipment that is either broken or outdated and donate to this cause! The location and time of the Drop Off is to be determined. Check back often, as we will be updating as we get more information!


See below for a full list of accepted items:

Computer hardware

Computer accessories (keyboards, mice, speakers, etc.)


Telephones, telephone systems

Security systems

Cell phones/bag phones

DVD movies & video games

MP3 Players

XBoxes, Playstations, Wii

Digital cameras & digital video recorders (DVRs)


Networking equipment

Fax machines

Circuit boards (of any type)



Telephone and computer cables

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)


Toner cartridges, ink jet cartridges

Portable navigation & GPS devices


List of items NOT accepted:







*This program will not accept any items purchased with state funds. Only personal items will be accepted.