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Generating buzz: University earns Bee Campus USA designation

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The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the bee’s knees when it comes to providing habitat for pollinators.

Bee on Flower

UL Lafayette recently became a Bee Campus USA Affiliate. Pollinators, as their name implies, carry the pollen necessary to fertilize plants and produce fruits, seeds, and young plants. They include bees, moths, butterflies, bats and birds. Bee Campus USA recognizes colleges and universities for their commitment to providing and improving habitat for pollinators and providing service-learning opportunities for students.Future plans include creating more planting habitats, creating nesting sites for solitary bees and butterflies and creating educational signage about pollinators on campus.

Learn more about the Bee Campus USA program or email Blair Begnaud, the Bee Campus USA Committee Chair, to see how you can become involved.

Photo caption: UL Lafayette’s work providing habitat for pollinators such as bees is creating quite a buzz. The University has been designated a Bee Campus USA Affiliate in recognition of its work planting wildflowers and creating service-learning projects. Photo credit: Doug Dugas / University of Louisiana at Lafayette