Geaux R.E.D.

Geaux R.E.D. is the Ragin’ Cajun spin on “go green” recycling programs. Initiated by students, Geaux R.E.D. is a recycling service that spans across campus. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are encouraged to recycle everything daily (R.E.D.) and help make UL Lafayette’s campus more sustainable.

Get Informed

Find out what is happening around campus and how to apply sustainable practices.

Take the Pledge

You can make a difference! Take the Sustainabilty Pledge to improve the sustainability efforts on campus and in the community. 

Get Involved

Each person in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette community makes a difference. All it takes is one step, one change to make our campus and community more sustainable.

Join us in our efforts to spread awareness and improve sustainable practices at UL Lafayette by getting involved in our sustainability initiatives.

Are you going green?

Doing work on campus or in the community that we should know about? Tell us about it by sending us an email!