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University Sustainability Policy

The University Sustainability Policy is a strong commitment to ensuring we fully embrace our environmental, social, and economic responsibilities and prepare each student for success as a globally responsible, productive citizen committed to environmental stewardship.

Our goal is for the entire University community to become more aware of our impacts on the environment and our community, at the institutional level and at our own personal level.  We fully believe that in doing so, we will all become more conscientious and responsible, and the University will become stronger and more resilient.

However, the Policy is much more than a statement about our ideals and beliefs.  It provides an essential directive to establish a comprehensive sustainability plan for our future operations.  This plan will establish goals with defined timelines in six areas of our operations: energy use and GHG emissions, the natural and built environments of our campus, transportation systems, purchasing and disposal of materials, food and well-being, and leadership.

In working to achieve our sustainability goals we will utilize our campus and region as a living-laboratory to inform and inspire our students, faculty, staff and community to create positive, systemic changes for a sustainable future.